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Alimo & Associates is a licensed land surveying firm in the State of Maryland and Washington DC. 

We provide a wide range of surveying services on residential and commercial properties


Professional land surveying services including:

Location Drawings (Mortgage Surveys)- These surveys are provided to

attorneys and title companies for the purposes of settlements in connection with

purchasing or refinancing.


Topographic Surveys- Field survey to provide spot elevations and/or contours on a

property for grading, landscape design, building an addition or new construction,

retaining walls, etc.


Property Staking and Boundary Survey- Establishing permanent property corner

markers, property lines and accurate location of existing improvements. These services are

provided to homeowners, architects, builders, contractors, attorneys, etc. for fence

installation, landscaping, property line dispute/resolution, additions to existing homes

and new home design.


Wall Checks- Provide drawings to show the location of foundations for new homes,

new buildings and additions in Maryland.


 Construction Stakeout- Providing survey points to direct builders and contractors

 where to construct new homes, additions, buildings, streets, utilities, etc. on

 residential and commercial projects.

ALTA/NSPS- Typically, these surveys are provided to attorneys and title companies for

 commercial real estate transactions.